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ASIC Architecture Development, Mixed Mode Chip Design, Production & Testing, Consulting

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We offer all steps from the customer application to the final, tested chip:

Architecture Development


Mixed Mode Chip Design


Production & Testing



Review & Diagnosis


ASIC Architecture Development

Special applications need special chips. An architecture tailored to the very specific requirements of the customer application, using well balanced components is the key to a high performance, power efficient and compact design solution.


Mixed Mode Chip Design

Based on over 30 years of experience in the development of ASICs for sensor readout, we design analogue building blocks, provide digital slow control, functional control and readout, and integrate everything to a full chip. Our focus is on the readout of small sensor signals with low noise, multi-channel architectures. 


Production & Testing

We offer 


P. Fischer has been involved in more than 20 different chip development projects as coordinator, designer and/or reviewer. This experience can be valuable in assessing new designs or in failure analysis.

Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer


Peter Fischer is an experimental physicist at Heidelberg University working on detector development with a focus on novel, specialized readout electronics. He has contributed to silicon pixel and strip detectors for particle physics or for the detection of synchrotron radiation, has developed self-triggered readout for gas detector, created state-of-the-art ASICs for the readout of SiPMs (with focus on PET). He is also developing SPAD based photo detectors for special applications. In 2008, he founded the ‚Steinbeis center‘ for Microelectronics and Sensor Systems to satisfy requests for custom-specific chip developments which were not suited for research projects. In 2019, the center has been transformed to the ‚Silicon Solutions & Consuting GmbH‘

Silicon Solutions & Consulting GmbH

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